I was wondering who you was fucking with, can I say? Follow my commands, come on girl comply
You only want me ’cause my life’s televised
And I can see all the lies in your eyes
But I’m no different, selling dreams for tonight
Just so I could have my way, rubbin’ on your thighs
In the morning, go back home because I do not have no ties
Uh, cry for me, for me now
No one can slow me down
I stay with forty rounds
Hit her off a Perc’, gave her forty rounds, woah
I’m far from finished, I’m not done
I keep grabbing on her waist, she tryna run
Put my foot into it, ’till she numb
Every time she moan, she be like, “Uh”, uh
She switched up for the safe dollar
She don’t know the rules of the game ’cause she ain’t no father
Being honest, yeah, we know some of the same scholars
Being honest, go home and we got the same problems
And we keep arguing about them same bodies
That’s because you was my girl, you was my main body
Take you serious, you know I would not play about it
And if you want to get better, baby, just pray about it
It’s couples out here that’s not eatin’ we got plain scallops
And clam chowder, you gon’ be raising my damn toddler
And I can’t lie, baby girl, it ain’t no way around it
Ain’t nothin’ to say about it
Got niggas pull up and spray about it
I’m goin’
[Verse 2: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
Yeah, and when I say, “I’m goin’”
She gon’ say it right after me like it’s a sing along
You look mad pretty, better with no damn makeup on
I’m gon’ fuck you to this, make this song your favorite song
And you even look sexy with no makeup on
And you ain’t gotta ask me, girl just take it off
I know that you was nasty, girl take it off
I just hope that you don’t think I’m crazy girl
Anything you want, just for my baby girl
And you my favorite, you my favorite girl
I’ma spend a package, that’s my baby girl
Hit it from the back, I’m not perfect, yeah
Remember fucking you, seeing it in your mouth drip, yeah
I don’t even think about drowning in a fountain, yeah
And you don’t even know the bitches calling, yeah
I don’t even give them a name, mmh yeah
Fuck the strippers, I don’t even know I’m falling, yeah
Champagne only, bitch, what can we say? I was fucking on bitches, you ain’t, yeah
I was fucking with my heart from a distance
I was fucking women loud, you was my best friend
I was eating bitches, now dog, can you best then
I was giving drip now-now, best friends
[Outro: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
Oh yeah, oh yeah
My heart Play this song
[Intro: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]
It’s JoeFromYO
Go Grizz
You said if I, if I write you, you would reply
Don’t want to give you goodbyes
[Verse 1: Lil Uzi Vert]
Yeah, if I write, woah, if I write
If I write you girl, will you reply?

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