Look around you’ll see that we’ve
been backed against a wall
This is our country this is our land and we’ll not let her fall
The eagle flies above our heads to keep the skinhead strong
And we have the pride to say we’ll die with our boots on
We gotta find out who speaks the truth, and we gotta watch our backs to see who
The way of life is inherited, when the changing of the guard begins
I wanna have fun before the traitors win and I wanna have a say at the media
Well the battle ground is handed down, when the changing of the guard begins
The power of the people
Keeping information from the __________
We never run when the traitor scum _________
With our boots and bombers we’ll march on eternally
We’re looking for the few the
proud to stand against our foes
For the future of the fatherland and our message of ________
You can never buy or sell us for commercialism’s sake
And the _______ will be proud to take our place

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