Isn’t she adorable? Isn’t she adorable? Light up the whole world? Light up the whole world? Light up the whole world? Will it light up the whole world, daddy? It’s even worser for the boys
Whoop that ass in front of your friends
Then drag ’em by the earlobe like, "Don’t do it again! Now get to them chores or else you can’t hit the blunt for a month
And you’re grounded, no outside, no out front
Grown folks is talkin’, don’t even mumble!"
I watch ’em run away from home and come back humble
It’s too much sugar, start to hyperact
Schemin’ on a snack, look like someone needs a nap
Real MCs fuck dat
Whiny peace pop rappers and snotty nosed clubrats get the slap
Off they monkey bars in this riddle ruckus
Little mufuckas
When are they gonna turn on the lights daddy? Light up the whole…? Right after dark, Amy, it’ll light up the whole lawn! Light up the whole world? Wild ass childish rappers that need the time out
Wash they mouth out with Bronner’s for showin’ off with sponsors
No doubt, scout’s honor
Cut off allowances and take away they toys
You think that’s harsh? [Intro]
When are they gonna turn on the lights, daddy? Light up the whole world? Light up the whole…? [Verse 2]
As in on stage or lyrical mic
Contrary to bias towards age or physical height
They need to go fly a kite light to get high off lifelike
Instead of playin’ games inside, bike
Slow down buddy or things could get ugly
Runnin’ behind on ‘er like [?]
Out here doin’ the darndest things, hysterical
How they got through the kindergarten is a miracle
"Get back up in this house!" a grandmama shouts
Wanderin’ through the hood in tight pajamas with they ass out
Strollin’ by rollin’ eyes like hater
Face and fingers sticky and dirty from icky Now & Laters
Give ’em a mean look, that’s my word
The belt is right here, be seen and not heard
Pssh, respect your elders, tell your sisters and brothers
The whole world’s watching y’all’s little mufuckas
Will it light up the whole world, daddy? [Verse 1]
Ouch, what would rhyme with gout?

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