Play this song
Double back when you got it made
Thirty racks and weed, no fat in the collard greens
Off top was me, no cap, I don’t bottle things
Flashin’ grandmama rings on her fingers and fondle the thing
Hollow with glee
Not ominous but James Harden D
Weak niggas guarding will peak
Followers just like me
I lost my phone and consequently
All the feelings I caught for my GF
My hands was on her wings
I took ’em off, had a story careen against the bars
My canteen was full of the poison I need
The trip as long as steep
My innocence was lost in the East
Amidst the thick exhaust
Ahki hit the horn, it beep
Mention my sentence is strong
We all that we need
But don’t call me brother no more
I keep my sentences short
Stack Pendleton keep me warm in the winter
Ksubi’s cuff done hit the floor
Doobie Brothers where the city morgue
Who would truly love a visit from us? My soul and my heart
All in it, keep fishing
Gone, the macabre finish
And miss my Pop dukes, might just hit me
Depending how I play my cards
The wind whispered to me, “Ain’t it hard?”
I wait to be the light shimmering from a star
Cognitive dissonance shattered and the necessary venom restored
As if it matters if you think it matters anymore
‘Cause shit be happening with quick results
They couldn’t fathom all the damage that had to get done
Piglets in a barrel we cookin’ up
Don’t get a sparrow, no harrowed runics in that there tomb
And a share of deadly flowers bloom
Holler rabidly, we stare at you
And say a prayer
Let’s take it there like carrier pigeon
50,000 roots, none of ’em rigid
Some of them wicked how they grew

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