We had the discussion that if he didn’t do a beat on the album could he at least mix, because he’s not only the best beatmaker in the world, to me, but he’s also the best mixer. Dre. Em’s new album Revival is now out and fans are wondering what was Dr. Dre has had a close relationship over the years. Eminem and Dr. The album was prematurely leaked online a day before its released and fans had mixed reactions comparing to the Detroit rapper’s past work. Dre never had the time to fully produced the album but he said he played the project for the Aftermath producer to get some honest opinion. Dre’s contribution to the project. This album, the last year or so is when things started to connect, and I know Dre was taking a break, and I knew that he had taken some time off, so I couldn’t really hit him up for some beats, so I kind of just kept going with what I was doing and came to him when the album was pretty much almost finished. I actually threw out like three or four songs last time I was in Cali because they didn’t get the reaction from Dre. “And Dre’s going to tell me if something sucks. I know when he’s really into something.”
Eminem’s Revival is currently available on iTunes/Apple Music for streaming. “I would never look at it any other than that. He’ll do it in his own way. You know, I can tell by his reaction. The project is the follow-up to his 2013 project The Marshal Mathers LP 2. I don’t know what he does on the boards, like how he does it, because I’ve stolen all his tricks, and I still can’t make it sound like he makes it sound.”
Eminem added that Dr. He’ll be like, ‘Alright, where’s the fun at? “I love to play my stuff for Dre because I’m gonna get an honest reaction every single time,” Slim Shady added. “It’s always the same with me and Dre. Hands down. The Detroit rap legend did a sit down with Shade 45 “Fireside Chat” where he opened up about the new album and his current relationship with Dr. I want to hear the fun, where’s the fun at,’ if I play him a bunch of serious tracks. Over the years, we’ve really become close friends,” Eminem said.

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