With one of the most festival-worthy, singalong choruses you’ll hear in a long time, ‘Drifting’ features delicately crafted clean guitar work, a warm funk-inspired bassline and versatile percussive stabs and drumming. “The dystopian storyline really grabbed me back then and it so happened that the lyrics suit what everyone is going through right now, which is really freaky. If the track doesn’t awaken some sort of underlying motivation, we’re not sure where else to look this Friday. Not having control over what’s happening, distance, daydreaming, growing up and learning for the better.” All I know is that I’m now hyped enough for a five-mile jog and am convinced I’m Joe Calzaghe…

Pizza Daddy // Press Photo
It’s All Indie: Pizza Daddy – ‘Too Many Boyfriends’
Pizza Daddy have recently shared their dreamy new single, ‘Too Many Boyfriends’, which came out last week on May 15th, and follows on from their debut single ‘Family Time’. This week’s features IDLES, Pizza Daddy, Pace and Cassia (pictured above). ‘Too Many Boyfriends’ is a wonderful piece of art to listen to while being basked in the sunshine – which as of the time of writing the UK is in a glorious warm glow. Find out more below…
IDLES // Press Photo by Tess Janssen
Nexus Music Blog: IDLES – ‘Mr. Cassia // Photo by Puria Safary
ICM: Cassia – ‘Drifting’
Fresh off the back of their last acclaimed single ‘Do Right,‘ the cogs are turning in the Cassia machine as they flex their studio muscle once more. Talking about the new single the duo said: “The song was written about a friend of ours who was dating a girl he really liked, but he kept mentioning he felt like she was dating other people behind his back and had ‘Too Many Boyfriends’. Renowned for their unique ability to fuse and combine sounds from around the globe, Cassia’s pop-driven indie number Do Right’ is a smooth, melodic groove of a record that showcases their impressive songwriting abilities. Well, say no more! The crystal clear, warm and distinctive vocals of frontman Jamie is complemented by backing vocals from bassist Tillie Russell. Motivator’
Alright, I know everyone is in need of a little motivation on a Friday. Alex Pearson

Friday’s Finest is back on ICM once again. Swapping a slightly more folk sound in past releases for more distinctive pop elements, it’s the perfect summer song to get your heart pumping. We then started working it up together inMarch whilst we were all locked into our house. ‘Mr. Motivator’. The London based duo are not slowing down, having already released their debut track earlier on this year this new offering is once again a dreamy cut that’ll have you pining for more. The weekly feature alongside It’s All Indie, Turtle Tempo and Nexus Music Blog, highlights the latest tracks we’ve been digging albeit old or new. It’s a song about feeling like you’re drifting. The Manchester-born trio have released another monster of a record, ‘Drifting’. After spending the last five years in London dream pop band BOYS and playing shows in the UK, Europe and America with the likes of Fake Laugh, Trudy & The Romance, Lowly & Sasami. IDLES have released the video for their motivational anthem ‘Mr. Motivator’ is definitely infused with an energy that will have you feeling anything but dormant. Having proven that they both can pen great tracks with their other project, Pizza Daddy are going to be ones to watch closely! The new release sounds like something you’d hear in the dramatic, heartwarming ending of a good rom-com. Pace // Press Photo
Turtle Tempo: Pace – ‘Strange Secrets’
Pace are a London-based alt-rock band fronted by Jamie Ley, they return from their writing hiatus with a higher energy, upbeat single in ‘Strange Secrets’. “He was doing exactly the same behind her back so we didn’t understand where he was coming from, in the end it all worked out fine and they are now officially together.”
If you are after a band that sounds like The Beach Boys pop crossed with Tame Impala psych sensibilities then Pizza Daddy might just be the ones to tickle your ear. Founding members Ross Pearce and Mike Stothard are taking a break and starting their new project Pizza Daddy, which so far is generating all sorts of buzz. The song foundations are the perfect platform for another euphoric vocal performance, with arena-sized hooks from the get-go
Speaking about the single, frontman Rob Ellis said: “Drifting’ initially was written after I watched the movie Interstellar last summer. Just when I think that I couldn’t love IDLES anymore than I already do, they go and smash expectations once again.

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