Ay, G Herbo, this a real Eastside story right here man
R3 them niggas, hah

Used to ride the front of the bus now I’m in the back of the back
Nigga this that Maybach, remember way back, I was trapping and strapped
This was back when Lil Roc stay with Titi an I start fucking with Cap
G-Mo was in the trap, used to give me dap, before I was fucking with rap
I met Kobe on the five, we was micced down in ’05
(?) and spray painted shirts
Now big bro own one of mine
Wake up, money on my mind
Think bout four of them all the time
Back when (?) lived on the four
First floor, 7405
Vito stayed on the other side
Him and Hill real running wild
WIth Chico and probably smoking dro
8 bucks for a pound of loud
Used to leave for school, (?) all the time
Fuck with OGs off the fire
Shorties is shit (?)
Four of them fucking up the wheel
I ran (?), ain’t fuck with (?)
That was grade school by the way, we been them niggas all this time
Acting East can’t hit it for the (?)
Five to nine, (?) to (?) and (?) was on the map
Niggas know there ain’t a bitch we ain’t fucked, taking hoes back
Used to do belly (?) with his crew back
Chrome buck 50, smash the new gat
Leather (?) with the weed (?)
Fazo had one that was blue black
G Fazo, ain’t need to say more
Bust so hard, make you wanna shoot back
(?) don’t do that
Fuck that, I ain’t even wanna talk about it
Miss all my niggas, why talk about ’em?
All they like us niggas bitch made
Lil nigga, big gun, that was Lil Gage
Fucked up, lil bro was lil sis age
Made 1800 on a good day
Don’t end up dead or broke
Go jail like a (?) is what the hood say
Might as well sell dope, rob, steal anything tryna stay afloat
I’m on point like an arrow
Aim the Glock like PeeWee, tell the opp, “hello”
Got smoke like Dero, remember walking (?)
Hoodied up if we got to blow
Still fuck the opps crazy, RIP Alamo
79th Street raised me, some of my niggas since babies
No Limit crazy
Remember nights off the lazy
Mom’s telling me to slow down, steady tryna persuade me
I was deep in the streets, she calling and getting no sleep
Scared for her baby
I was running the east
Turning into Herbo G
The big humble beast, ay

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