[Verse 1]
First off, I’m still sorry for the stuff that I did
All the lying and back talking shit I did as a kid
I was bangin’ when you told me not
Hustlin’ when you told me stop
And all the stupid shit I did
The love you gave me never stopped
You always came through for me
Not one thing you wouldn’t do for me
Sad to say when you heard ’bout them shots that day
You knew it was me
I worried you so much that you got tired of me
I knew it. So I grew up, I ain’t screw up
Now you proud of me
I remember, comin’ in
Middle of the night my eyes red
You asked me why, and I ain’t wanna tell you
Cause my guys dead
You so intelligent you always kept up wit’ what lies said
I’m so pathetic I could never keep up wit’ my lying ass
And raising me you never thought to worry, ’bout me dying fast
And growin’ up I never thought, my actions made you cry sad
I just wanna say, you made me everything I am today
And after all I put you through, I wouldn’t have it no other way
Ma I’m sorry

(You know all them times I had you up late worried about me)
Mamma I’m sorry
(I ain’t never get to tell you I apologize)
Mamma I’m sorry
(You know all them nights you callin’ my phone no answer)
Mamma I’m sorry
(Comin’ to pick me up from police stations)
Look, I promise mamma I’m sorry

[Verse 2]
Definition of a woman
When our problems was taken over you brought us from under
As a youngin’ you always told me I won’t need for nothin’
I just never settled for less cause I can’t see you strugglin’
That’s why I got it on my own and I stayed away from home
Cause I ain’t want my sister growin’ up watching me doing wrong
And at the end of the day, it’s my life
I gotta learn from my mistakes
All I wanna do is move you and my grandma out the state
Put y’all in some nice estate, name on ya license plate
So I grind like it’s my time, even if I die today
So even if I die today I just hope you see brighter days
You always made sure I was straight
Not a meal I never ate
Jepordize our friendship, that’s a chance I’ll never take
All the times that I would scare you
You would never run away
Now every single day I wait to see a smile on ya face
All the rivers of tears you could probably cry away
Ma I’m sorry

Mamma I’m sorry
(All the lies, everything I put you through. All the times I…)
Mamma I’m sorry
(went against your word)
Mamma I’m sorry
(Lot of times I ain’t never get to tell you I’m sorry for all the shit I did)
Look, I promise mamma I’m sorry

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