Baby, don’t stop
Baby, don’t stop
You couldn’t make me this
I wanna get freaky, freaky
And let me lick you up and down
(Let me take you up and down, haha)
Up and down
(Up and)
Up and down
(G-Herbo, ha)
Let me making you soaking wet baby

[Verse 1]
Let me show you how the gangsters do it
I know you tryna get it off
Turn the Bryson Tiller off, let me fuck you to this gangster music
Party bag and I can’t refuse it
Pussy so good, so tight, know I gotta abuse it
One stroke, two strokes, same beat as the music
Aye and that shit so wet I took the rubber off, can’t even use it
I love when you start screamin’ out when I go deep into it
Know I’m goin’ hard, I can’t stop killin’, in love with you moanin’
We go again, over and over, know she my opponent
Win, lose, or draw
She leave me breathin’ hard, I leave her soakin’
I kiss your lips, we lick and suck, and let me bend it over
She throw it back, I’m in her stomach, know she feelin’ it
So deep, she tryna run but can’t because I’m still in it
She feelin’ it, she lovin’ it, she feelin’ it
We wasn’t deep at first but now we got our feelin’s in
When I’m on the road she missin’ me, yeah cause she not on that
When I’m layin’, I’m on my way, can’t wait to put my mouth on it

(Up and down)
(Up and down)
Let me lick you (up and down)
You already know what is man when you callin’ me baby
Just pull up, two, three cribs, you come whenever look

[Verse 2]
Baby let me get it fresh up out the shower
Tongue kiss your lips, caress you, stroke you for an hour
She leakin’, soakin’, bite her lips soon as I’m slidin’ in
Can’t get no deeper, she start scratchin’, and she grabbin’ me
I can take the pain, she say my name when I start grinding it
Fucked around and fell in love, I met her from around the land
First started off as my little bitch, wasn’t even fuckin’ then
Let me inside, I’ll beat it up, and I’ve been busting since
Can’t take it when I’m lickin’ it, when I start suckin’ it
She comin’ in spread her legs, keep lickin’, make her cum again
She know I keep it super real, realer than most of ’em
She know it’s fuck them other bitches, can’t get over her
Aye, like a roller coast with her
Haa, she ride, I’m holdin’ her
And after that I told her

(Let me lick you soakin’ wet baby)
Let me lick you soakin’ wet baby, haha
(Baby, don’t stop)
Don’t stop
(Baby, don’t stop)
Get on top
(Baby, don’t stop)
I told her
(Baby, don’t stop)
(Baby, don’t stop)

You already know what it is, you know? When I’m with you it feel like, when I’m with you it feel like — It ain’t nothin’ else goin’ on, everything revolvin’ around us, you know we kickin’ it. Besides us fuckin’ baby, we just be kickin’ it. I need somebody to kick it when I’m goin’ through everything I’m goin’ through. When I can just lay back, smoke a blunt, rub my back or somethin’, you know I’m sayin’? Let me vent to you sometimes baby. Hoes ain’t shit but pussies, haha I told ’em hoes ain’t shit but pussies, haha

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