G Herbo yeah man I know when I feel like all my day one fans, supporters they know that everything that happened to me was fully organic it ain’t nothing forced it ain’t no fly by night shit it meant to be something real and it’s gon be something real. Alot of time my fans try to say with music I wanna make ’em wait not tryna make ’em late but, ain’t even the case I’m tryna really change the world with this shit the way I drop shit it’s like a system, its systematic I try and give it to you but its a meaning. It’s a meaning behind why I give it you you, when I give it to you and what I’ma give to you next

Look, they say a coward die a thousand deaths (fuck nigga)
And every time you and try and kill him why its always a thousand left? (fuck nigga)
I heard a real nigga die come back a thousand times
Go broke now 999 count up a thousand times
And these is real facts I ain’t just saying that
What if Fred Hamp was president I woke up praying that
‘Cause if Trump become the president he might bring slavery back
Been on black folks eighty years might as well bring Reagan back
Meanwhile, I’m just riding with this desert eagle
Smoking weed riding fast like that shit not illegal
And if I fly past you fast yeah just know I see you
I can’t pull up on fuck niggas no you not my people
And I’m for the people
But I’m not the most
Bitch I just die for my bros that’s all I know
Live and I die by the code
My niggas ride by the code die for the code
Shit I did time for the code
If the folks pack up and say they come get me now
Before I rat I’ma lie down and roll
Lay down and die before I fold
Hoes and bankrolls, ain’t nothing but a bonus
Everybody know that my la familia is who its happening for
Promoters like Herb you ain’t dropped in a year
25 thousand too high for a show
The less you in town the less shots that I hear
At least y’all I ain’t out here in traffic no more

Gang gang, ay, G Herbo man, ay, nah for real though the reason behind this shit why I named this whole project Strictly 4 My Fans is cause that’s who this shit for, strictly for my fans, the reason why I get the motivation cause I be going through my comments all type of shit on instagram and motherfuckers tell me the shit I be spitting in the music just the way it touch them it change motherfuckers lives, it really get motherfuckers through certain types of situations and other shit and I’m still having fun with this shit you know. So that’s why I really just put this shit together man strictly for my fans, for the streets, for my niggas I just write it all as my fans cause a lot of my fans street niggas, real niggas. As far as fan shit its strictly for my fans worldwide its strictly for the street real niggas you already know what’s going on man

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