This year is our 5th year hosting the ICM Awards which has seen so many indie and alternative acts breakthrough the ranks and catch our eye; most of which you can read in our discover section on the website. Remember, every day in January you can discover someone new. Yard Act

2. Kynsy

Find out the results of our 5th annual awards ceremony on Saturday, December 18th from 7pm. Share Seb Lowe

3. Wet Leg

4. English Teacher

5. As we could only pick five, some artists that might have missed our list could be seen in our Ones To Watch 2021. So without further ado here are our ICM Awards 2021 Greatest Discovery nominees:

1. The Greatest Discovery Award highlights what we at ICM are all about; discovering new talent and unearthing those unheard artists and put them in the spotlight.

Alex Pearson

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