Vibe on this bitch
Nah, in the room
[Verse 1]
You work numbers, work wonders
You done woke me up from my eternal slumber
I’m the lightning, you’re the thunder
There’s a difference between I need you and I want you
Girl I need you, good sex
Let the conversations get a little deeper
Now tell me your darkest secrets, shit you wouldn’t even tell Jesus
My karma been tweaking so much I don’t even believe in karma
Just give me a reason to thank god for all these recent falls
Percocet 30, I’ve been eating off
I’ve been chilling out on the drugs since you’ve been involved
Suck it like its [?], fuck me like its [?]
No protection on my heart god damnit I’m gon’ hit it raw
Traumatized from my past yeah I keep it [?]
In my mind, in my head where that shit belong
They say you after my bread, shit I hope they wrong
You already ran up them bands we could have a ball
Hit it from the back, [?], call a play, huddle up
This that, good luck, in the bedroom
Fuck you in the Prada, feels like Lady Gaga
Ride it like a monster, zoom zoom zoom
I’m all I’m really all in
In love with all your flaws and sins
Your scars are really gorgeous
Ain’t that a really weird way to give complements
’m all I’m really all in
I fell in love with all your flaws and sins
Your scars are really gorgeous
I see the light and not the darkness
[Verse 2]

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