down to Bowen Homes
And R.I.P. So you can see them diamonds when I tell your bitch, “Bye”
I miss my granddaddy, Charles, he died earlier this year (Yeah)
At the funeral, and I ain’t even drop a tear
‘Cause I was numb to the pain, I was numb to the hurt (Hurt)
Prayin’ to my grandma, and she told me, “It’s gon’ work” (Grandma)
Told me, “Keep on workin’,” told me, “Step on niggas’ necks” (Necks)
And she in Heaven too, angels on me, yes, I’m blessed (Blessed)
Holdin’ all the weight, I put the pressure on my chest (Yeah)
I’d be lyin’ to you if I said I wasn’t stressed (Yeah)
The money still comin’ so I’m good, ho (Good)
Born in Milwaukee, I still put on for the hood, ho (Yeah)
But the north side raised me, can’t forget that (Yeah)
And I’ma shit on every nigga, just for get-back (Yeah)
Remember how y’all treated me, I won’t forget that (Yeah)
I was fucked up, tryna get a hit back (Yeah)
When I got hits on every project that I dropped, though (Yeah)
And with that homecoming money, I’ma shop, ho (Yeah)
And buy your bitch AMIRIs (Let’s go)
These niggas never mind they business, call ’em Siri (Woo)
I just pray, before I die, these niggas hear me (Niggas hear me)
These niggas broke and they contagious, don’t come near me (Yeah)
Y’all don’t want me on a feature, do you fear me? But y’all don’t know ’cause I don’t let y’all in on everything (Nah)
It’s been plenty sunny days that I just pray it rain (Yeah)
Yeah, I been goin’ through some shit, the devil on my brain (Yeah)
Put plenty niggas in positions, then they switched sides
It’s alright, I’m still poppin’ like a fish fry
I’m too live, threw some rings on my fist, why? (Woo)
I went from broke to fat pockets, look at me (What?)
I fuck with Texas, give no fucks ’bout PV (What?)
I used to hustle, used to pass out CDs (What?)
Broke niggas watchin’, I’m just prayin’ that they pleased (What?)
How I never let ’em play me? (Yeah)
Through these Gucci readin’ glasses, I see clearly
Through these Gucci readin’ glasses, I see clearly
And I love all my fans so dearly
Shoutout to my Texas fans
Shoutout to everybody that was talkin’ shit in my, uh, my Twitter this weekend, y’all inspired this shit
I love when I get enough inspiration to go rap, like, right on point
You know what I’m sayin’? Please keep the hate up ’cause as long as you hate, the money gon’, uh, increase, so, uh, thank you
Good night (Heat)
Niggas say I ain’t the G.O.A.T., well, that don’t sound right
Niggas always runnin’ ’round sayin’ I’m slept on
Balenciagas on my feet, bitch, don’t get stepped on
Last year, I lost my daughter, do you know the pain? Play this song
Haha, these niggas was playin’ with Camp, for real
Fuck wrong with these niggas? (Nah)
I get big bread, I ain’t gotta say, “Cheese” (Fuck ’em)
Niggas rather post a pic and hide behind the keys (Fuck ’em)
Niggas talkin’ hits, bitch, I got a few of these (Fuck ’em)
I am the culture, I’m the nigga that they sound like (Yeah)
Most these niggas in the game, they just my sound bytes (Facts)
Kiss 5 comin’ soon, what that sound like? Ha, these niggas got they style from me, fool
Yeah (King of the Vibes)
Woke up to some tweets about a homecoming (What?)
While I’m readin’ all this fuck shit, I’m still thumbin’ (Brr)
Still gunnin’, I got racks, split it with the guys (Guys)
I swear these niggas, they gon’ hate it when a nigga rise
I got a pretty bitch named Nina, keep her on my side (Fuck)
No, I ain’t have to cop the Lamb, but I just love to glide (Ooh)
These pussy niggas prolly hatin’ cause I’m inside
They baby mama, I’ma truck it just like Roll Tide (Truck it)
I’m fully loaded, I’ma shoot it ’til the clip gone (Brr)
These niggas fuck with me from L.A.

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