[Spoken Monologue]
Hello? Yes, hello?

Am I through to the coastguard? Over

Yes, look, um…

I’m calling because, er, well…
I’m out observing the meteor shower tonight, I’m on, erm, Church Rock, and… I’ve just received a rather… well, erm, actually it’s extremely alarming, erm, message

It was very faint and, erm, staticy. I think he said that his ship’s name is “Celtic Deep” and that he was sinking. Er – fast

Well, no – er, yes he did! He gave, er, some co-ordinates, yes, he did. Er, he gave, erm, a… 7… a 9… but the, er, the signal was breaking up and, I tried to reply, you know, to tell him, er, that I could hear him, but, er, there was just dead air

Yeah, just now – two or three minutes ago just before I called you the transmission… died

Well hasn’t anyone else reported it? Have you not heard anything about it?

My name? Wha-wha-er, sorry – what’s my name got to do with anything?

Oh, come on! Come on! If a man says “Our ship is going down” isn’t that enough?!

Oh, to Hell with your protocol! There’s a ship out there, in real trouble. It’ll be dark soon… look… I need to know that you’re going to do something, please

Well, I don’t know! You’re the coastguard for fu- *tut*

I think these people are depending on me. I’m the only one who heard them. Please. Do you understand?

Hello? Hello?! Can you hear me?


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