[Intro: [?]]
“See the goal, is always gonna be get out the streets. You’ll see quitting while you’re here means ending one chapter and starting a new one. I’mma keep the trigger off safety and, my eyes on the prize. God got my back and, my balls gonna make sure I stand 10 toes down. Middle finger to the muthafuckin’ world! Durk, end this chapter!”

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
Summertime shootouts
Everybody a shooter
Glock poppin’ now before this
Everybody had rugers
I was broke and I was down, now I’m all about the mula
(?) bitches super desperate, I call her ass a cougar
Hit a (?) got no traffic, bro call my ass a uber
Can’t starve I gotta make it, I’mma turn this shit a movie
Black opps, niggas know I’m the wack opps
I’m the face, no mascot
300 pounds of jackpot and I used to sell-
Dummy bags for the ps you come short
Dopeboy 20k got a choppa on the porch
I got a choppa on the porch and a yopper in the (?)
I got four of ’em in the bush
You ever had to wake up to yo’ mans like he’s somebody else
(?) I’m lookin’ up like Lord somebody help
I can’t feel my face I swear I feel I’m by myself
I’ve been to war nobodys left

[Hook: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Street life
I’m tryna make it out this street life
I’m tryna make it out this street, oooh
Yea, yeaah, street life

[Verse 2: Lil Durk]
Hermes sneaks, I’m just kickin’ flavor
(?) booth tryna make a hit, like imma kick it later
30k a show, I’m tryna get the 80
And get my mama a new crib, and brother new Mercedes
And get my niggas out the trap, my sister out the Navy
And get Zayden from his mama, I know them bitches hate me
And yeah the streets ravin’, can’t count nobody out, (?)
(?), and get the keys to the lamb
Appartments to a mansion, school pants to fashion
(?) dog food, not a pantry
Fo nem learned the hard way, dog food and the hard way
I used to trap up out that hallway

[Outro: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Street life
Rest in peace to my niggas that never made it out of the street life, cause everybody don’t make it out
I’m tryna make it out that street life
Yeaah, make it out the street life

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