These impressive lyrics, combined with a soaring soundscape, form the foundations of a promising career ahead of Lomon. However, ‘Fractures’ is a stellar performance from a promising musician and his future success is certainly written in the stars. However, the back bone of the single still rings true with ‘Fractures’ as sonic melodies, distorted electronics and abstract backing vocals all overlap together to produce a well-cohered song. His rather unique approach to music is aimed at inspiring others to think about what’s in deep space – is there the existence of extraterrestrial life out there? 

The track’s space-themed lyrics are punchy and delivered with an essence of hope and desperation that humans need to protect our habitat if we are to ever become an interstellar species. What’s next for Lomon? Well only time will tell. You only need to take a look at his Instagram page to find space posters and home-made videos with planets in the background, which is telling of where the sonic-spired artist drives inspiration from. 

‘Fractures’ is clad in sharp electronics, soaring falsetto vocals and hypnotic harmonies that take you to the future. Seattle-based musician and producer Lomon releases his new single ‘Fractures’ in space-aged psychedelic style. 

Now onto his fourth single, and first of 2021, Lomon, aka Zander Chocron, is an admirer of all things science fiction and that influence clearly comes through in his own indie-electronic creations. On his previous release ‘Escape Velocity’, Lomon leads the charge acoustically as he tackles issues such as climate change and mental health. Tackling injustices is a familiar theme laced throughout Lomon’s music. The continuing build of the track leaves you never wanting to return back to Earth. Featured press photo by Sarah Cass

Alex Pearson

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