[Napoleon Da Legend verse 1]
I majored in the road less traveled I hit the gravel
Came from the Tower of Babel Riddled with grenade shrapnel
Fought many battles against Hades and the likes
And sacrificed almost everything paid a crazy price
Friendships by the wayside, family by wayside
Hobbies I had let go, we wasn’t on the same vibes
Narcissistic tendencies I recognized em quickly
Then I nipped it in bud, was used to living life risky
Far from a Saint Seiya no but I just played it low
And worked with a sense of urgency like I got a day to go
Primetime asked me if I thought I was gonna die soon
The way I be recording like I’m staring down on my tomb
Looking at my iTunes like damn I really OD’ed
Mind racing anxious, I been getting no sleep
Feeling a cold breeze in the night I let my soul breath
If you thinks about the dough please, you probably don’t know me
I do this for this kid Africa who didn’t eat and still got bigger dreams
My little sister Nour, my nephew Timothy
I like my anonymity but love for my art to live
So I got be smart on how I guard my gift
Cause folks’ll take advantage fast
I played the back for a little, but don’t worry Superman is back
U can keep ya gadgets and ya Gucci fanny packs
I give em random acts of kindness with a random ax
Strangers hitting me up telling me that I deserve more
The way my blessings are set-up I wanna serve more
If I eat, everybody eat, get ya plate
I’m a set the play it don’t stop I’m a reinvent the brakes
And re-intensify the flame with an Empire State of mind and call em all out
Re-identify the snakes
Can never gentrify my grace , I was incentivized
By the gods to give you the charts on how to navigate
They won’t care about you less u got some sort of power
Success comes beyond a week of working 40 hours
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 2]
Lawrence of Arabia in the desert
The pain of loss embedded in my cranium forever
Craving to make a better world for children to smile
Protected from molesters and the malevolent crowds
The dark specters and architects of hate create a safe haven like the marvel x men around Xavier
Got us campaigning I’m a lobbyist for freedoms
Step to the guardians body em the audience is feinding
The embodiment of evil, chiseled with strong Limbs
With a big sword seeking to kill off all my friends
Hyoga, Ikki and Shyriu and other golden saints
Trynna hold our fate, overtake the world and forsake
Any inhabitants, overrun by despots and savages
Who wanna rule, emasculate our pride and embarrass us
I preface this 1000 punches with the strength of Pegasus
Enveloped in an effervescent aura by my precipice
Exceed my limits on the brink on my death
Seeing higher self, push me all the way to the edge
Beat down with my feet down, barely standing
I’m losing blood, all my bones is broke, I’m bruised up
I hear a goddess voice whisper in my ear:
[Nejma Nefertiti]
“Po, you got this
You can’t let this devil beat you
The world depends on it”
[Napoleon Da Legend]
Then I got burst of clarity, an universal splash
On my conscious, the star exploded in a crucial blast
Balled my fist up saw my sweat beads drip up
Connected fist to chest till the devils heart ripped up
Disappeared into oblivion, sun ray pierced
Right thru the sky, everybody smiling joyful tears
Once again against the odds we tussled again gods
But the righteousness inside of us’ll never let us fall
Whenever duty called and the truth is involved
We rise to any task, shatter all ceilings and walls

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