My words alone reverse a heart attack
Drug dealer carter chat, Magna Carta rap
Wild victorious but place my name, next to where the martyrs at
Peep how I play this, I’m shaking the snakes like Petyr Baelish
Told by the elders I got what it takes to be the greatest
It’s with a heavy heart my semi spark you ready paul? I’m epitomizing
Spit a fly line turn it to a bank deposit
[outro – Martin Luther King]
In the process of reaching our rightful place
We must be guilty of wrongful deeds I shoot, make my adversary catch bullets like Gary Clark
That’s a flashback, scratch that I tackle backlash
Everything you saying you attract that
Who you see on the horizon? [Intro – Napoleon Da Legend]
I admit it I did it
Guilty as charged
The return of Pharaohgamo, just like the wise men predicted
[Verse 1 – Napoleon Da Legend]
Staring at Armageddon ride a camel thru the desert
And execute the code for the nukes in a text message
Witness the next level, pecs, metal “x” devils
“S” on my chest S.O.S., let’s the rest settle
My whole mentality’s Soweto I’m Thomas Sankara
Dominant don, you can catch Pharaohgamo in Ghana
Dolce Gabanna, Qaddafi lamping in Abu Dabi
I bag a hottie then I bend up her body Pilate
Loddi Doddi the slickest ruler, Biakabutuka
Monogamous mover, Picasso I pop ya medulla
Spark a cigar up in Cuba and never sweating nothing
Part of the perks, barter a verse for ya pension money
And my attention funny this shit can get boring fast
Copped a car, brought it back then I’m back with my touring ass
Out for the glory only like Spartans, marvelous artist
I’m modest told y’all I was on it I’m a keep my promise
[Chorus – Cuts by DJ Swab]
Guilty that’s how I stay filthy
Guilty of it all
I ain’t denying it was me
We all guilty admit it
[Verse 2 – Napoleon Da Legend]
Prophecy fulfilling, the prophet exceed the limit
“Trust the process” philosophy just to be specific
I’m a be prolific, what you speak is what I’m living
Politicking and cheffing up inside the kitchen
Nutritious artifacts
Where else you find an artist that will feed the masses?

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