I guess that how you felt you want my life so bad you should be trynna build yourself
I don’t want ya help help nah I’m good fam I’m good
I’m just I’m just doing me out here like, like I should
I’m in too deep I gotta eat plus got several mouths to feed
One way street type friendships ain’t what its cut out to be
With friends like this who needs a rival
Bribing and conniving pirates for survival
I could probably write a novel i don’t know how to
Shut my mouth when I see foul shit I’m a just pull ya file
Keep my name your mouth who you calling pal? [Napoleon Da Legend verse 1]
Told me I was her best wants me to clean her mess
We connected in sex she loved it when I squeeze her neck
She was still beefing with her ex she was in heavy debt
Lost some weight on weight watchers she used to be heavy set
Not even a week / into it we starting arguing
You owe money and push a Benz ma look at the car you in
Oh / my bad I know / you gotta keep up with Joneses
Cubic zirconias praying you get that job bonus
Sacrificed ya peace for ya appearance seems like a pattern
Getting mad when you borrow from me and I ask it back
Then you get me to smash make up sex the best right
Booked a show u get jealous when I take my next flight
Almost feel like we competing, we supposed to be a team
Texting me threat before I hit the stage
Now I’m getting heated
Hacked into my Instagram and twitter then deleted it
The f*ck is wrong with ya mad sexy but you devious
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 2]
You my brothers keeper nah f*ck that sucka you reaching
I don’t trust you either top of that I don’t f*cking need ya
Off the hook, phone ringing when you need a favor
Flip side peace see ya later ghost like Anita Baker
Arrogance is a disease a cold mixture of fear and greed
Showed ya true / colors like a scene shot by Tarentin’
Talking to my ex?

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