[Napoleon Da Legend verse]
Drug trafficking human trafficking
Bank fraud, searching all passengers
Tax fraud, Ponzee schemes and wire fraud
False Narratives propagated thru Viacom
And other channels, YouTubes and Facebook
USA is a cesspool for modern day crooks
Charismatic scammers talking shit on cameras
That’s the new standard, we spend better when we panic
Fanatics for a fantasy of false gods
I Break the fourth wall vision flawed like that Mexico wall
Got you hustling and scrambling like Better call Saul
I plan to leave and buy a crib in Senegal y’all
Away from all madness the fraking and the gassing
Shuriken sharp and with the craft of an assassin
On the site /where the spaceship crashed and
Another movie set Hollywood casted
[Napoleon Da Legend verse x2]
They got a veil over ya head
If you doing time in jail hold ya head
If you tried it and failed go again
If you feel stuck, help a friend
[Napoleon Da Legend verse 2]
Blue powder shakes, injected steaks
Artificial face of an extra terrestrial race
Nano tech, t-shirts wrist bands is broad band
Sex on the net speaking with God on the Gram
Chinese invest the birds and bees are a threat
Blade runner architects we argue over debt
Lasers in the iris, Amazon forest long gone
Hybrid, Torahs and Corans with Bible songs
Tribal gone wrong, no elections just sections
City’s in desert no more races and no sexes
Only fear clouds cover the sun we need supplements
Shots of Vitamin D from the continental government
Organisms on the body and visions
Interwoven systems, all co-existing
Brain wired to the mainframe remotely Saint Seiya playing in the back while they clone me
Desolate sidewalks, smart phones and cyborgs
Cyberwars turned bullets into dinosaurs
Gene is altered, false priests standing at the altar
Emotional debris from other altercations it’s the fall of the
Post modern world civilized, psy-ops
Bionic parts on the crippled guys
The food is modified, test tube babies
Trips to Mars flirting with some Neptune Ladies
Meal rations rival factions clashing
Drinking oxygen in glass in weird fashion
Brain connected to a network a one mind world
Mercedes Benz’s levitating 4 inches off the earth
Magnetics, Amazon robots doing jobs
Dehumanized, illegal children are euthanized
Eating soup and fries autopilot it don’t matter who can drive
Virtual glasses on eyes of all the juveniles
Utopias for the rich, living like the past
Green grass, fresh water gleaming in a flask

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