She also accused the rap veteran of having unprotected sex with her against her will. She told police officers that Nelly forced her to have oral sex with him after she watch him masturbate in front of her. The rapper’s legal team also threatened to countersue Greene which will result in a legal showdown. Louis rapper, real name Cornell Haynes Jr. Greene added that she was taken to his tour bus and Nelly invited her inside and she complied and went with him towards the back of the bus where he had a room, and that’s where the sexual assault took place. Related Posts

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Nelly Accuser Claims Rapper Rape Her Without Using Condom She said that she work at the club but was not working that night and was instead partying with the rapper and his entourage. The St. Greene told authorities that she was partying at a club in Seattle on October 6, 2017 where Nelly was performing. In her police report, she said he later kicked her off the bus and threw a hundred dollars at her. She claimed that Nelly invited her to an after-party and she complied and went with him inside his SUV. Green filed a lawsuit against Nelly seeking money after we announced our intention to hold her accountable. Police arrested Nelly on the scene where his tour bus was parked in a Walmart parking lot. The prosecutor has since dismissed the case against the rapper and then he threatened to sue her to restore his reputation. was sued by Monique Greene for sexual assault and defamation, TMZ reported. “It comes as no surprise that Ms. We always believed her accusation was motivated by greed,” Nelly attorney said in a statement. Greene is the same woman who refused to cooperate with prosecutors about the alleged incident where she claimed Nelly raped her on his tour bus. While Nelly contemplates if he wants to sue his rape accuser, she beats him to court.

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