[Intro: $NOT]
Ayy, man, thanks for changing but I’m still on the same shit
You feel me? Hahaha
[Verse 1: $NOT]
I wake up and brush my teeth, Nike shoes and Polo tee
Ride my bike up out the streets, f*ck with me, I’ll f*ck wit’ you
That’s not where you s’posed to be, smokin’ on this Backwood
See me in yo’ f*ckin’ hood, smokin’ on this green Kush
Nigga, what? Ayy
Lemme tell you real quick, yuh, ayy
Yuh, ayy, okay
[Verse 2: $us Valentino]
I just stained yo’ bitch and now I’m ’boutta have her for the week
Me and $NOT, we killin’ niggas, yeah, you know we too elite
I wake and see my bitch and yeah, she rubbin’ on my meat
I will never change, you know I’m stayin’ true up to myself
I been smokin’ like a sauna, please don’t check up on my health
I will come into the party just to show yo’ bitch my belt
Roll a big one, blow it, put it on the shelf
She gon’ f*ck with me because she came and seen all of my wealth
Icy white shoes matchin’ with my bitch, that’s the truth
When I skirt up on you, best believe I’ll pull up wit’ no crew
Never follow rules so please don’t tell me what the f*ck to do
f*cked her one time, now she stickin’ to me like some glue
I’m a animal, you know that I belong up in the zoo
I’ma cook you up just like you are some f*ckin’ beef stew You can’t f*ck wit’ us, put you in my trunk
You a f*ckin’ punk, I’ma f*ck yo’ bitch, then I dip
Like a nacho, head honcho, get these knots, I won’t stop
Bitch, I needa get this guap, I ain’t got no time for beef
I just wanna chill, blow this blunt with my only leaf
In the night, see me creepin’ in yo’ house as a thief
Then I dip off in a foreign, bitches curious like they George
Cut ’em off with my sword then I dump ’em in the shore
Hit a bitch’s ass while she lyin’ on the f*ckin’ floor
Bitch, my number one rule is to never love a whore
Bitch, I pull up in a tank ’cause I’m ready for the war
TI$$UE Taliban, man, a full army, Seven Corps
[Interlude: $us Valentino]
Ayy, yuh
Ayy, okay, what?

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