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Maybe we’re just awful humans clinging together like a tangled mess of duct tape in a world of perfect beings. Speaking about the track, the band comented: “Everyone’s got that friend that has seen you at your worst. For there is no happiness without a lack thereof, no confidence without vulnerability, and no trust, without paranoia. “Individually, the songs represent a snapshot of real life and propose an honest account of the effects that this has on a confused, flawed mind. They’ve dragged you kicking and screaming into a taxi, home before things got criminal. Together, the songs merge to form the beautiful yet flawed bouquet of a tangled mind.”

The Only Sun debut album Tangled Mind is out April 2021 via Close Up & Modern Sky. ‘Extraordinary’ is an instant anthem and a soundtrack for the summer that never was, it’s the perfect insight into what fans can expect from the record, and why 2021 is going to be so huge for Only Sun. Written over the course of a pretty eclectic year of our mental health, it tracks the subject through swings of dark paranoia and self doubt, through to pure bliss, hope and trust. “Originally, the album was to be ordered from darker concepts through to light, however it was later decided that to replicate the human mind accurately the concepts should be random and unpredictable. We’ve always been wondering if they’ll do it, and they have. Only Sun will be releasing their debut album next year! 

To mark the occasion, the High Wycombe quartet has released a striking indie pop bop ‘Extraordinary’. 

Titled Tangled Mind, it has been a long time coming since they emerged onto the scene in 2017 and released one single every month for a year. Speaking about the album, Only Sun said: “Tangled mind is an album built around the concept of mental wellbeing. We’ve been fortunate enough to follow their journey since day one, and even invite them to perform at our ICM Presents shows in London. That friend who’s watched you plummet into scenes of regret on nights out and at times, dived right in with you. To others they are an obnoxious mess but to you they are extraordinary.”

Tangled Mind sonically draws on classic indie foundations but putting their own definitive spin on things, the four piece craft affecting, emotive cuts built for festival singalongs. They’ve taken the cursory abuse and still stuck by your side. 

“Everyone’s got that friend right? Only Sun will also be heading out on tour next year, for tickets visit;

Only Sun tour poster, for dates visit

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