New offering ‘Forget About It’ follows on in this vein, as Patawawa a technicolour sonic landscape with cascading vocals and encompassing synths with has a tropical twist to it. Armed with a contemporary concoction of the sparkling synths and glittered guitar riffs Patawawa are charismatic and cathartic in equal measure. The track is slowly creeping up the iTunes charts at 75 and all downloads will be helping stop this virus. Alex Pearson

Hailing from the quiet sleepy Derbyshire town of Matlock, Patawawa have released single ‘Forget About It’ in aid of The Corona Virus Relief Fund. ‘Forget About it’ is a hedonistic escape, it’s optimism and positivity has never been more needed. Listen to the single below and purchase it here where the whole 99p goes to The Corona Virus Relief Fund.

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