[Verse 1]
I ain’t got no worries
Feeling like the Executioner the judge and the jury
Aye my nigga snatched yo Jewelry
And she wanna kick it like enziguris
Or a Roundhouse
Im just tryna go a couple rounds in her house
I’m the sound of the South
Dope ass keys bitch i got 3 blind mice u just sound like a mouse
They thought I was down they thought I was out
But I’m coming for the crown see the king in me now
We don’t care about clout, whole team in the clouds
Daydreaming about breaking more than even
Bitch im just tryna make a billion while im breathing, uh
She seen I was clever now she want to let me bust on her cleavage
Shit got tough we was thieving
I had enough i can’t fuck with these leeches
If she got a fat butt i need her to suck while im sleeping
And when im not day dreamin bitch im up late night creepin
Late night chiefin
Blunt got me stuck 4 no reason
Get high as fuck smokin on vegan
I dont have no time 4 beefin
Being thick is in her blood Lil Mama non anemic
It’s my time I got to seize it
I’ve been Thuggin since I was young I seen the slimiest seasons
Came up with the grimiest creatures
Set fire to reefer
Got my eye on a diva she gon want me to go deeper
Yeah I get nasty like Nas, hit lil ma with that either
Turn her to my Mamacita I’m in the game all 4 keepers
Don’t worry be happy that this blast through your speakers
Don’t worry be happy
Even when life get crappy
You know every little thing going to be alright
[Verse 2]
We both blunt as fuck maybe that’s why you match me
Now let’s get lit Shawty pass me the light
Yeah I just want to smash no I don’t want to fight
So back that ass up on me cuz it’s looking right
If I maker bus once I can make her buss twice
Shit I make her a Buss Tres
Cuz that relieve stress have her moaning out yes
Fuck going out sad
I’ll be going out fresh
Fresh to death
Wakin Bakin just to cure my morning breath
And I’m going off the Dome but I say it from my chest
AK spray him in his chest
They gon lay that boy to rest yes
Hey don’t worry be happy I’m going off the Dome
Nigga you should be happy
Don’t worry be happy
I’m going out the dawn Nigga you should be happy
If she gave me Dome then I’m going to be happy
If she give me Dome then I’m going to be happy
And I like them sassy, nigga

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