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An emotional and remarkably relevant track for the times we have found ourselves in, SKIES release their music video for ‘It’s Alright’. On the track, drummer Jericho added: “We felt the song needed a space to uplift our fans and now felt like it could make a difference”
Watch now below! As events unfolded, the band felt the song and particularly the pre-recorded music video featuring lead singer Alie’s 97-year-old Grandmother, it was worth waiting just a little bit longer. After spending six nights a week live streaming on Instagram – and reaching over 100,000 people – the energising alt rock duo are back again with a new track that sits very close to home. “We’ve never filmed anything like this, so I wasn’t sure about it being a music video, but I put the idea to Jericho and he loved it! “We wanted to wait until I could see her again, which thankfully we can and had fish and chips for lunch with her last month for the first time since lockdown which was amazing!”
The moral of the story here is to appreciate the things in life we take for granted and cherish those that are close to you if you could live your life over again. We waited to release this video because ‘Born Yesterday’ was due to come out first. “We filmed in April 2019, not long before she moved out. Produced by Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios, it was originally planned for release in Spring 2020. Discussing the music video further, Alie said: “When it came to choosing where to film the music video for the ‘It’s Alright’ release, I had this feeling… Every Wednesday I would see Nanny for lunch, and I wanted to capture a lunchtime there before she moved out. SKIES // Press photos by Visual Line Ltd
“We delayed the release, partly because this video meant a lot to me anyway, but particularly as it was really hard not being able to see Nanny or my family during the lockdown. As lockdown came, ‘Nanny’ was preparing to move back with Alie’s parents to get a little extra support if she needed it.

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