If it shocks you it’s done what it’s supposed to. Dublin indie rock five-piece Somebody’s Child shares new single ‘The Lover’ ahead of their upcoming EP. Written in similar vein to ‘Lost’ and ‘Top Drawer Romance’, Somebody’s Child put the listener in the head of a man in existential crisis, frantically searching for meaning amongst the chaos, which carries the track to an emotive crescendo. 

It’s definitely the heaviest piece from the ICM Ones To Watch 2021 artist. Taken from their soon to be released EP ‘Hope, Amongst Other Things’, the single is certainly a change of pace as Cian’s emotively driven lead vocals pack a punch which gives you the sense of a momentous aggression that slowly emerges as the song progresses. Lead-singer Cian Godfrey explains: “‘The Lover’ is probably the heaviest track I’ve ever written. Make of it what you will.”

Share Sonically, ‘The Lover’ plays to the modern rock ‘n’ roll influenced side of Somebody’s Child, with the track’s tone being underpinned by the anthemic guitar melodies and driving bass hooks of Cian’s musical counterparts. “Its message is one of anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism or what have you; a statement against the Status Quo. 

“It’s supposed to make people stop and actually listen, in a world where people’s attention is being sold to the highest bidder. It was written from a place of utter turmoil, which is quite obvious from the way I sing in it. “It’s quite different to our other stuff, but that’s entirely the point.
Alex Pearson

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