The Blast reported that Soulja Boy filmed chauffeur and then put the clip in his music video without getting authorization. The video originally was taken down off one of his YouTube accounts but keeps being reposted over and over again. “This video has circulated throughout social media outlets and was requested to be taken down. “I am a private person, so I have kept quiet about this whole legal matter with Soulja Boy,” Daily said. Soulja Boy is being sued by a Unauthorized for the use of an unauthorized video in one of the rapper’s music videos. He also claimed that he requested for the video to be taken down and he was ignored so now he is suing. Kamilah Daily claimed that the rapper hired his company in February last year to transport himself, his manager, and director around Vegas. I have driven A-list celebrities and their families and I never had to go through anything like this with them or had problems.”
You can watch the video below and you will see the video in question around the 50-second mark. He said at first it didn’t seem like it was a big deal until he later found out that the footage was used in his “Bling” music video without his consent. The SODMG rapper was named in the new lawsuit filed by a Las Vegas chauffeur. During the ride, Daily says Soulja Boy’s crew started filming with their camera phones while the rapper turn-up.

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