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England Screams. Blackpool’s finest punk rockers Strange Bones have announced the release of the debut album England Screams is due August 20th with the reveal of the title track and music video. 

A mutant creation spawned from a year of experimentation and pushing personal boundaries, forthcoming album England Screams is Strange Bones’ most authentic and ambitious work to date. Society’s paradigm of a typical human being is breaking down, constantly changing, in some amazing ways, in a new world which feels more authoritarian than ever. PAV4AN)SIN CITYMENACE (FT. “The album also looks at the devil inside, and finding that balance between light and dark”. England Screams Album Artwork and Tracklist

JUNGLEENGLAND SCREAMSDOGMA (FT. “It’s as if we’re moving forwards and backwards at the same time, an insane contradiction that is fuelled by the hyper-normal behaviour of the press and the state, which are inevitably the same thing.”

The highly anticipated debut album derived from trying to understand the relationship between order and chaos. “It’s a reality TV show. “It’s where I feel comfortable when creating, completely outside of my comfort zone, which is fucked up, and asks the question if there was ever a comfort zone to begin with. Speaking of the new single, he explained: “It’s like we’re living in a pantomime, everyone is waiting and expecting for something shocking to happen. DEATH TOUR)NAPALM ÜBER ALLESHEAVY

Featured image by Will Shields

Share BOB VYLAN)WORLD ON FIRESNAKEPITSLEEPWALKINGCRIME PAYSDEATHWISHBLOODSPORTS (FT. It’s fair to say that there has been a lot of that over the past few years too! 

Bobby added: “I want to be honest with myself about the obscurities of life and the mind. 

“I’m not afraid of taking things to extremes, which aligns with the highs and lows of not just songwriting, but life in general. And with Bobby Bentham at the helm on writing, production, mixing and engineering, the record is a seismic, bone-crushing sonic escape.

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