Kevin Abstract – Georgia Lyrics

Yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I finally found peace, I suck when I get it I see worth in myself, I won’t run away again I’m prayin’ for my friends, they prayin’ this won’t end But I know it does, just like all things In the end, it’s just me and my mood swings [Bridge] And the one-nine-nine (And the one-nine-nine-nine is comin’) Is comin’, is comin’ And that one-nine-nine, boy (And the one-nine-nine-nine) One-nine-nine is comin’, is comin’ (You know that it’s comin’) [Chorus] I got Georgia on my mind, ain’t nobody left behind It’s just me, my team, my weed, my baby’s Audi parked outside… Read More

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