DJ SpinKing – Slowly (feat. Ayo Jay, Nico & Vinz) (For The Culture Mixtape) letras

[Intro: Nico, Ayo Jay & (DJ SpinKing)] SpinKing, Nico & Vinz, Ayo Jay (DJ SpinKing baby) [Verse 1: Nico & Vinz] Rock to the beat, get low Pick up the right tempo When you go fast and slow You takin’ control, I’m tryna see more Cause everything’s finer dressed in designer From up to her nails up to her eyeliner Perfect for me, I always remind her Go get your Visa, so you can fly out Ooh girl, pardon me Caught up in your energy Ooh girl, what I want Please don’t make me wait no more Can’t wait ’til I get you in the zone Give yourself to me,… Read More

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