B.o.B – Under The Dome (Elements Album)

[Intro] *Elevator Ding* Ground Floor Going Down *Elevator Ding* Lower Ground Floor *Sinister laughter* (Man #1) Oh look (Man #2) Oh look at you *Loudspeaker* Doctor Forrest dial 118 please, Doctor Forrest please dial… R.E.M. accessible [Verse 1] Chemtrail clouds, I’m asleep, though Acid rain, I’m asleep though Fluoride water, I’m asleep, though New World Order, I’m asleep though Diabetes soda, I’m asleep though Cloned and Modified beef, though Heavy metals all in the drinks, though Wi-Fi cook a nigga in his sleep, though [Chorus/Hook] Put him in it… Put him in it… Put him in a coffin Put him in it, put him in it Put him in it,… Read More

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