G Herbo – Havin’ Shit (Strictly 4 My Fans Album)

[Intro] G Herbo…. G HERBO!! [Hook] Niggas know that I been havin’ shit Know that I’ve been havin’ shit Blow a hunnid K, on a habit bitch Waitin’ for a nigga to try some shit Niggas now that I’ve been savage bitch A hunnid shot can in my mattress I been gettin’ hoes, riding foreigns And countin’ all this dough, cause I been tourin’ Like 20, 30 shows, just got some more rich Count up and count some more, it’s never boring [Verse 1] BITCH, IT’S G HERBO!! Yeah, I know you know me I be gettin’ dough I been tourin, remember I was poor that had to be at… Read More

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