Wiley – Find The Energy Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Wiley, Caramel Brownie] Yo, this is Eskiboy and Caramel Brownie This one produced by Caramel Brownie, listen up Yo, we’re doin’ this ting ‘Boy Better Know’ big up Jme, CEO (Boy Better Know) Shut your mout’ Ay, listen [Verse: Wiley,Caramel Brownie] Find it in the [?] if you can’t keep up [??] can’t keep up If you don’t know me then go on Google Type in Eskiboy and then you can read up Yo my name’s Caramel Brownie And you on the low can’t read us I don’t know what it takes to defeat us Play games ‘cause you can never cheat us You should see… Read More

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