Epic Rap Battles of History – Guy Fawkes vs Che Guevara Lyrics

It’s more like V for very bad hat Oh! Play this song [Intro] EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY GUY FAWKES VS CHE GUEVARA BEGIN! KA KA KA KA-KA!) When they cut your junk out I’m the hardest Marxist ever graced a banknote You’re an error prone terrorist penny for the scapegoat [Guy Fawkes] Don’t try to boast ’bout your banknotes with Guido You muddled your economy like mint in a mojito This very battle disproves your communist initiative These rhyme skills are not evenly distributed (aah!) I’m Catholic I’ve got mass when I’m rapping You’re an ump-Che, that’s Bay of Pigs latin After what just happened you should retire Is… Read More

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