Kate Bush – Astronomer’s Call (Live) [Act Two] lyrics

[Spoken Monologue] Hello? Yes, hello? Am I through to the coastguard? Over Yes, look, um… I’m calling because, er, well… I’m out observing the meteor shower tonight, I’m on, erm, Church Rock, and… I’ve just received a rather… well, erm, actually it’s extremely alarming, erm, message It was very faint and, erm, staticy. I think he said that his ship’s name is “Celtic Deep” and that he was sinking. Er – fast Well, no – er, yes he did! He gave, er, some co-ordinates, yes, he did. Er, he gave, erm, a… 7… a 9… but the, er, the signal was breaking up and, I tried to reply, you know,… Read More

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