Big Scoob – Dump Nigga (feat. J.L. & Boogieman) (H.O.G Album)

[Intro:] (x4) Dump nigga, dump nigga, dump nigga, dump dump [Verse 1: Boogieman] Nigga I’m dumpin’ like a yopper fully auto it’s boogie bravo Killing everything around me, you niggas will surely follow Yeah I spit it like a cobra, a seasoned misery soldier Boogie definitely doper, infectious when you get closer Infection is with the poker, I’m stickin’ bitches, bend over You love it and then it’s over, no need to be seekin’ closure I’m frequently off the dojer, it’s hard to keep my composure He’s better when he ain’t sober, I’m driving, baby, pull over Yeah, damn right, I kill ’em when it’s my turn Any disagreement: we… Read More

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