B.o.B – Dumb (Elements Album)

[Chorus] That’s dumb Why fall in love? That’s dumb I don’t wanna go get lunch I’m jus tryna fuck this dum Dumb, dumb, that’s dumb D-U-M-B, that’s dumb 40’s on a coupe that’s dumb 40 on a rollie that’s dumb Hunnid in a duffle that’s dumb D-U-M-B, that’s dumb That’s dumb, dumb That’s dumb Du-du-du-du-du-du-dumb [Verse 1] I just tell it how it come to me Gotta make it sound fly for the dumb niggas Swear to god im tryna find out what they want wit me I guess the music in me, use it till they done wit me And when they done with me, next one Stages of… Read More

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