Mr. Mauricio – Paper Plates (feat. Rick Ross, Yo Gotti & Troy Ave)

[Intro: Rick Ross] Ricky Rozay aka Pharaoh Dinero Mauricio, I got this, nigga, sit back [Verse 1: Rick Ross] A.I. on the crossover Name a nigga floss more The crib worth 30 The record label burnin’ Hottest team on the turf Fat Trel, put in work Trill nigga still on the rise Throwback, black car, can I Got these sticks back in ’96 Cocaine cowboy, howdy howdy, bitch Trappin’ so long ’til it’s in the pores Made a hundred racks before you hit the chorus Maybach, 5 lives in the Taurus Niggas froze up when they saw us We the ones started out the poets Poor student, natural born poet… Read More

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