B.o.B – Fkn Science Bro (Elements Album)

[Intro: Teacher] Stop running in the halls! Stop! Slow down, sir! Slow down, sir! Stop running in the halls, sir! Anthony get to class! You’re never going to become a college student at that rate! [Hook] Fuckin’ science Fu-fuckin’ science, bro Labcoat, check, goggles, check Nodules, check Fu-fu-fu-fu-fuckin’ science, bro [Verse 1: B.o.B + Teacher] Hi-yah lads! Welcome to science class Bob quit writin’ raps in your log sheet, nobody’s gon’ sign your ass Okay let’s get scientific Fossil fuels come from years and years of bio-decomposition It’s really just scientific Why didn’t all the fossils turn to oil? Some did, some didn’t Anyway… Didn’t Rockerfeller pay the scientists off… Read More

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