Rich the Kid – Two Cups Lyrics

’cause the money, it ain’t big enough (Huh?) Play this song [Chorus: Offset] Two cups, two sluts (Two sluts) Jump right in it like Iike I’m playin’ double dutch (Ooh) Whippin’ in that pot, I hit it uppercut (Woo, woo, woo, woo) I put my drip up on the plate, she eat it up (Hey) Big body keys, the Bentley truck get mounted up (Big body keys) You can’t buy me for no million, nigga, that ain’t enough (That ain’t enough) But I only spent a dime to get your tummy tucked (Dime) Nigga done lost your fuckin’ mind tryna beef with us (Lost your mind) [Verse 1: Offset] We… Read More

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