Gucci Mane & Future – All Shooters (Free Bricks 2 Zone 6 Edition Mixtape)

[Intro: Future] Unorthodox Yeah [Verse 1: Future] Chandelier diamonds, champagne I’m fillin’ my cup up with good drank I know these drugs could be contagious I fell in love like a new fragrance New kids on the block, I’m sensei Hold the candles high in your memory Spin the block and let it rain get it done, done I’m the man, I’m the man like Mister Dun Dun It’s Blood or die, me and Guwop I spent a house on my new drop Pearls in your eyes, ain’t no shades for you I’m hidin’ money I dig the grave for it [Hook: Future] I just wanted to leave with all… Read More

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