Yung Simmie – Get To The Money (Simmie Season 2 Mixtape)

[Intro] It’s Simmie Season We still smokin’ Yeah Simmie Season 2 [Hook] I wake up and go get the money I pull up and my niggas smoking in public The OG pack stankin’ and smellin’ digustin’ You ain’t talkin’ money can’t have a discussion The choppa hit you and give you concussion We could talk it out if a nigga talkin’ money I’m overseas, I’m smokin’ in London I’m counting the money I’m and real you buffin’ Drank in my cup, I be sippin’ on muddy She don’t wanna fuck you, you don’t got no money Niggas be talking but they ain’t talkin’ money If I don’t do nothin’ I… Read More

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