Horrible Histories – Cleopatra lyrics

[Intro] Ra, ra, Cleopatra! Famous beauty coming at ya! Ra ra, patra Cleo! Guys all go gaga for me-o! [Verse 1] I am a leader And a lady and a queen I’m Cleopatra Such a queen, never been seen I am a pharoah Yet they’re-o meant to be guys But I don’t care-o I just wear-o beard disguise [Verse 2] My mum and dad were pharoahs I thought my rule’s due But both my older sisters Thought that they should rule too [Verse 3] Oh dear, they both died! I wonder who that would leave Little me-o, pharoah Cleo? Okay, no time to grieve! [Verse 4] Think that’s alarming, you’d… Read More

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