Chief Keef – Posse Lyrics

(Where the whistle?) Chop the 808, bitch, no scissors (No scissors) Come through for some more, no Metro (No Metro) Hit a nigga, bet I won’t miss him (Won’t miss him) Draw on a nigga, no pencil (No pencil) How you want it? (Knocking?) .45 auto, super faucet, thirty shot you and your posse (Ayy) [Verse 1] Like skuduskur, I got the ripper (Ripper) And I won’t hesitate to rip you (To rip you) Start running, you’ll see that line up Fly and get caught in this shit like a zipper (Like a zipper) Got wiz like Chipper the Ripper (The Ripper) Call my Glock “Oz”, bitch no Wizard (No… Read More

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