Robb Bank$ – Transporter Lyrics

[Intro] Message! 1k, this Savage Life, Bitch! Keepin’ the muhfuckin’ Byrd out yo mouth, you old broke ass jig, you petty ass lil crumb Waitin’ on them motherfuckin’ government checks, them big blocks of cheese you eating for dinner, you pussy ass bitch! Toss out a muhfuckin’ hundred big faces, have these crumbs scramblin’, nigga! Fuck you mean, nigga? You don’t want none of this, nigga Keep this shit 1k, this muhfuckin’ “C2” , nigga! Get this shit right you bitch ass lil hoe, petty ass lil boy! [Verse 1: Robb Bank$] These niggas mad I made they daughter a mama I took off the condom and sold it in… Read More

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