Mariah Carey – Giving Me Life Lyrics

Why? See, hon, followed sheep from once the first chick Clark Wallabees on (Beep, beep) Swag, honey drip, spendin’ some time Remember them rhymes? Was it my messed up eye? Reminisce, wannabe, huh? Hush, got fly Here’s a quest, why you left? How you doin’? Your gold fronts looked better than mines did Was ecstasy, poundin’ in the BM Clownin’ me and that was way before wore gowns and the skin’ Givin’ me life [Chorus: Mariah Carey & Slick Rick] Giving me life and it’s everything (Mariah Carey) Thinkin’ ’bout when we were seventeen Feelin’ myself like I’m Norma Jeane (La, la, la-la) Here in my arms is where you… Read More

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