Yung Bans – TOUCH THE STARS Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Woah, Kenny [Chorus: Yung Bans] Ah, ah, ah, ayy, I’m so high right now, think I can touch the stars Ah, ah, ah, ayy, you came in to my life and then it fell apart, ayy Ah, oh, oh, all these drugs for me and you, babe, we can go to Mars Yeah, drunk in love, this junkie love, you my lil’ Xanny bar And if we ever overdose, that’s a new start [Verse 1: Yung Bans] Pussy felt so good, might tat’ my name on that ho, huh Real street nigga, I ain’t buyin’ a thing for these hoes, huh Yeah, I might change for… Read More

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