Pull up wit a stick freestyle – Fetty Wap lyrics

Lyrics Fetty Wap – Pull up wit a stick freestyle I’ma pull up wit a stick, yeah With the stick, yeah Hatin’ on me you a b*tch, yeah You a b*tch, yeah You not really with the shits, yeah With the shits, yeah I be boolin’ with my dawgs just like Micheal Vick We ain’t beefin’ ’bout no money, it don’t make no sense Have my d*ck all in his .. Yeah, you know the location to my show Paid official, we could shoot this shit fo’ show Ayy, .. (mobbin’ nigga) versuri-lyrics.info In New Jersey I be slidin’ on my folks (skrt skrrrt) Ayy, I’m humble but I came… Read More

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