DJ Mustard – Don’t Hurt Me (Cold Summer Album) letras

[Intro: YG] Mustard on the beat, ho! [Verse 1: Jeremih] Tryna get up in my head, now that’s a headache I just wanna fuck, I make the bed shake She wanna spend some time, now that’s a Rollie Shawty ride the dick, just like it’s stolen Met her at the Westin with her bestie Kissin’, they were sweatin’, doin’ lip things Had to get up in that lil thang, yeah that lil thang Let her rock the mic, yeah, no lipsync They say that it’s last call, so let’s ball Tryna have that ass thrown on that pole Throw it back like retro, like it’s retro Baby, baby, let’s go,… Read More

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